Whoa, Bessy!

Guess who’s making an appearance? I am! 😀 Please, hold in your excitement! Many things are in store for this post.

First off, Thanks to Rachel (at least, I hope it’s her name). She sent me a RAK package, all the way from the netherlands! Pic:
It’s a lucet, a needle, and a little book on how to make a rug by nalbinding. It’s so neat! I can’t wait to get amazing material/fabric to make a rug!

Next, I had this really long project to do for AP English. I put so much work into it, and the teacher LOVED it! I was afraid I wasn’t going to do good on this project, but I did wonderfully, so I get to keep my A in the class (explanation to follow picture) Here’s the outside of the project. The research paper/project is on the history of knitting:
I learned how to nalbind for the specific purpose of this cover. And i love nalbinding now! XD If you want more pics of the inside, go to the project page on ravelry (there’s a surprise in it!). And if, by chance, you’re not from ravelry, comment/email/message me someplace and I’ll show you the pics. 🙂

Okay, so the explanation. I thought I was close to getting a B in one of my classes, which would have knocked me down to salutatorian. But I’m good, and I get to keep valedictorian with someone else! (we tied)

Also, The play was a month ago. It went wonderfully! I had so much fun. 🙂 I’m sorry I was dead to the blog world. I’m truly sorry to those who may actually read my posts. (I was never good at keeping a diary) I’ll make sure to keep you updated, promise! Like, PROMISE, promise! 🙂 I have no idea why I didn’t blog in the first place. I would think about it and then be like, nah. I’ll do it later. It just kept piling up! If you guys have any questions you would like me to answer in a blog post or a prompt or anything, just comment me or email or rav message me! I’ll answer it! 🙂

Thanks for reading another one of my “epic” posts. I’ll try to keep them shorter and update more.<3



So many new things. 😀 Expect a long post. So, keep your hands and feet in for the whole ride. 😉

First thing, the reason I’m posting in the first place, I have a new FO! Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. 🙂
Check out more pics on my ravelry projects page.

Second thing, I have been accepted to SIUE. (Southern IL University- Edwardsville) It’s still up in the air whether I’m going to go there or not. It depends on aid at this point. I was awarded a $2500 scholarship per semester for up to 8 semesters; which works out to about half tuition. I’m still waiting to hear about the Meridian scholarship. The Meridian one pays for tuition AND room and board. I hope I’m at least in the running… I sent in the application.

Third thing. I should REALLY post more often. Even if it is just random… I don’t know why I don’t post more… Well, I had a nice christmas and I hope all of you guys had a nice holiday (whichever you celebrate). 😀

So this post wasn’t AS LONG as I though it would be… oh well. Sorry. 😦

Weekly post 2

Still no new name. 😛 I’ll think of one, I swear!

Monday, ROTC went to this thing called Tops in Blue. It’s just a variety show. But it was pretty cool. There was this lady who everyone said was bipolar (apparently, they’ve seen her before) and she was like dancing on the edges of the chairs set up. We dubbed her “Crazy Lady.” Her outfit is my idol<3 She had on a tutu, lol. She could barely dance. I think most of us watched her more than the actual show… is that bad?

Anyway, nothing out of the ordinary in the way of school. I wore an awesome outfit I'd like to dub "Rainbow Puke." 🙂 rainbow puke
It’s orange hi-top chucks, blue skinny jeans, lime green skirt, houndstooth shirt with paint splatter, and i had a yellow jacket on all day. ^_^

About my angst, it has dissipated. Due to certain circumstances, my boyfriend decided to break up with me. If you follow me on Ravelry, you’d know why. It’s whatever. I’m over it. Homecoming in Oct 10th though, so I’m looking for new possibilities at dates.

During the amazing three day weekend, we went shopping. I got lots of new clothes! Well, new to me. I got a few secondhand things. A pair of shoes, a jumper-style dress, and 2 shirts. The former 2 are unworn, though were at the secondhand store. And I got a skirt and a pair of bermuda shorts at Kohl’s. I’ll put up pics of them as I wear them, i guess.

This weekend I tried my hand a bit at crocheting. I would’ve finished the pig I was making, but not only do I hate sewing, I hate when things don’t line up right. My ears were wonky and my snout was not center.

But, i made the body at least and sewed it on. I may give it to the dog? I don’t know yet, lol.

Oh! And I am almost done with the first season of Dr Who! I’m loving the show. It’s full of awesome. ^_^

Well, that’s all for this week. I’ll post again next weekend. ^_^ thanks for reading.

Weekly posts #1

Okay, so I’m gonna try something new. Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday (whenever i have time), I’m going to post a blog about my week. It’ll be in addition to whatever blogs I already post. So, yeah, here goes?

The beginning of this week was, how should I say, not good? I don’t know why, but it just seemed that way. I had this blog thing all planned out and now i can’t remember half of it! Monday I had subway for dinner which was delicious. I never get pickles on my sub, but i totally did this time and really enjoyed it. I had me some canker sores this week, which sucked. It makes my mouth go, “Let’s just not eat anything!” because I already have wicked sensitive back teeth. I still ate, just hurt real bad. I’ve had to read so much of the iliad. OMG. Boring book. I got the same amount of info from cliffs notes than i did the book. I understand I don’t get the reading experience, but I don’t think I can take much more of this “epic poetry.”

Ack, I think that’s it… other than my angst. I’ll keep you more up-to-date on that though when I know for sure what’s going on! 😦 But yeah, don’t be surprised if I put up some vlogs and link/embed them here. I kinda want to vlog at least a few times. 😛 Maybe once a month? Do you think i should vlog? 😮

Don’t you hate it when…

Don’t you hate it when you’re cranky one day, even though you’re usually not, and everyone automatically assumes you’re pmsing? It has nothing to do with if you are pmsing or not, but the fact that they come up and ask you? I’m sorry, but that bothers me to no end.

I also hate when people think they’re better than everyone else. That bothers me too. 😦

Oh, well. First full day of school was today. Not sure whether I liked it or not. Three out of my 8 classes are kinda noisy. But 3 out of the 8 don’t have many people in them. 🙂

FO-Ravenclaw bag

So, after about two years of knitting (which, I didn’t do the ENTIRE time, i was knitting other things, obviously.) I finally got the Ravenclaw bag done! ^_^ I think what got me reinterested in it was that i learned how to knit with both hands. It went SO much faster. So, I guess I’m to the pictures. 😛
In the last pic you can really tell how bad I am at carrying the yarn across the back. Oh, well, you can’t really tell when it’s full of stuff. 😛

Also, I know I don’t blog a lot as it is, but school starts back up Tuesday, and I won’t get as much knitting done. But, if you look at all my posts from this summer, you’ll notice that I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done. 🙂 I got 2 shirts, a hat, a pair of socks, and a bag done. Quite a bit, if you ask me. What do you think? 😛

I know I’m awesome. ;)

I’m just kidding! 😛 I started AND finished my hat in just ONE day. ^_^ So, i’m pretty happy… gonna start another pair of socks next. hehe. The pattern is “Hermione’s Cable and Eyelet hat” and the yarn i used was, a personal favorite, Caron Simply Soft.

K, pics now. ^_^

Thanks for looking. 🙂

Yarn and sweater!

I finished Dahlia! Just right about two weeks. ^_^ I think it looks good. 🙂

Also, I got the yarn I won in a drawing last week. ^_^ It’s soft… I need to find a pattern. Hehe.
Yarn Porn
Yarn pr0n
amazing picture of the day
^that’s my amazing picture of the day. :]

My new Interweave came today. yay!

I may start the Hermione hat or my pair of socks. Have yet to decide… hopefully by the end of tonight I’ll have it chosen. I have to knit tomorrow! 😛

Not another post!

I’m typing up this post mainly because I’m bored. 😀 I have no pictures, but maybe want I have to say will be interesting… or just repetitive, unusual, and pointless.

First, I must say, I was on youtube a few weeks ago, and I came across a youtuber named Shane Dawson. He’s pretty funny, so check him out at www.youtube.com/shanedawsontv Some of his stuff is a bit… raunchy… but it’s still pretty funny.

Earlier today, I took some benadryl to see if it would help. (I think I’m allergic to cats, but I’m taking different allergy medicines [at different times, of course] to see if they help any.) It helped a bit, but I noticed at about 10, I was wicked tired. I woke up at 9:30, so I shouldn’t have been as tired as I was. I then realized it was because of the Benadryl. So I took a real nap for fake tired… geez. I may never get to sleep tonight now… Okay, I probably will. I’m kinda tired at the moment.

This past week was Vacation Bible School. It was really fun. I was the puppet, a Fox named Sparx, and I helped out in the Discovery time (science connections). There are so many adorable kids there.. and some not so adorable ones… I kinda wish it wasn’t going to be over.

I really ought to clean out my closet/dresser. So many clothes! I need to get rid of a lot of stuff (we give it to goodwill). I’m afraid of cleaning it out though, because I’ve gotten skinnier, and I can’t help but think, “what if I get bigger again? I won’t have anything to wear!” I’m going to be very careful when I clean everything out. Some things are only a smidgen or two too big, so I won’t throw those out. But some of my pants are wearing out and are way too big, so I’m for sure going to get rid of those. My major problem is shirts. I have too many! And most of them fit! I don’t have room for them all though… I’ll figure something out. If I’m lucky, i’ll be able to clean tomorrow. 🙂

This week is my knitting week of epic proportions. 😀 I want to get over halfway done with Dahlia. Wish me luck! 🙂 and I think this is where I stop… I have nothing else to talk about really, and i think I will get some sleep! hehe.

Socks are done!

Yes, finally. My socks have been completed. Once again, it was the Kroy Stripes sock yarn I got in a RAK from JeaninMaine. I used the Aquaphobia pattern. 😀

Also, I took a trip to my grandma’s house a week ago. It was pretty fun. I got stalked by 2 guys at the amusement park. 😛 We went to joann’s and I got some more sock yarn and I already have the pattern I want to use picked out!

I started a new project yesterday–Dahlia. So far, so good. It just takes forever for a row because every other row you increase at least 4 stitches. Oh well. Thanks for reading! 😀

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